Before you purchase, please be aware that all of our items are vintage, some of them decades or even centuries old. It is likely that most items will have flaws. We have done our best to describe these accurately. We measure all of our items extremely carefully, but they do not conform to the modern day sizing standards. Some are homemade, made to measure for different shapes and sizes. We endeavour to measure all items accurately, but please double check the measurements and e-mail us for more information if you are unsure.

This is how we size and measure our vintage items...

Buying vintage clothing online usually requires taking your measurements because the size indicated inside a vintage garment is not comparable to today's modern sizing.

We take approximate measurements of our garments using inches. The garments are laid flat, pulled slightly taught but not stretched and measured from seam to seam. In certain cases it may be difficult to take a flat measurement due to an unusual cut or the type of fabric (bias cut or stretchy knits), so we will approximate a size. It is the best idea if you can measure a similar garment of your own to make comparisons to our measurements. Use the guidelines on the following charts.

Take your measurements using a soft measuring tape.


Measure shoulder tip to shoulder tip across the widest point.
On our garments we measure seam to seam across the top of the shoulders.


Measure under your arms across the fullest part of your bust, around your body keeping the tape level across your shoulder blades.
We measure seam to seam at the fullest point on the front of the garment and then seam to seam across the back and add the two calculations.


Measure along the outside of your arm from shoulder to your wrist bone.
We measure from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff.


Measures the fullest part of your arm, the bicep. We measure the width of the sleeve from seam to seam at the bicep level and double it.


Measure from underarm to waist. We measure from underarm seam to waist level.


Measure around your natural waist just above your belly button and below your ribcage keeping the tape comfortably loose.
We measure the garments from seam to seam at the waist line and then double it.


Standing with your heels together measure around the fullest part of your hips/bottom with the tape parallel to the floor.
We measure the hips on a dress 7" below the natural waistline.


Measure the inseam on a pair of pants from the crotch to the bottom of the hem.
Take a pair of pants that fit you well and measure the same.


Measuring will be done in one of three ways depending on if we have done an 'Underarm to Waist' measurement.
1) SHOULDER TO HEM: Measures from mid shoulder to hem.
2) WAIST TO HEM: Measures from waist level to hem. We measure this way when 'Underarm to Waist' has been also measured.
3) UNDERARM TO HEM: Measures from underarm to hem of garment. We measure from side seam to hem of garment.
Glove measurements are taken by measuring under your palm and across the top of your knuckles.

How do you determine condition and authenticity?

At MelaMela we try hard to offer only the highest quality wearable vintage clothing and accessories. We also try our best to accurately describe each item indicating wherever possible the visible and invisible flaws.

Buying vintage clothing means purchasing something that has a history and most likely has been worn and well loved before you. Please see our glossary of terms below for descriptions of quality.


Near-perfect vintage condition, no visible imperfections or discolorations.


May show some very minor wear from light usage but nothing too noticeable. Such as, resewn hem, alterations, minor discoloration on inside lining, light scratching on the surface of leather goods, light wear on corner of handbags or interior. The overall quality of these items is very close to original.


Indicates good quality with some slightly visible wear. Softness due to washing, linings may be faded, a very faint stain in a discrete area, scratches on leather or metal hardware.