Vintage 1960s Dresses

The array of original 1960s dresses we stock at Mela Mela Vintage reflects the diversity of fashion and culture in the 1960s. Twiggy, Mary Quant, Muhammad Ali & The Beatles. Motown! Mods! Op Art! Space age! Psychedelic Explosion! Flower Power! The Beehive! What an iconic collection of influence. Almost anything goes!

We have a collection that reflects the diversity of this era….. lots of fun! Whatever style of 60s dresses you are looking for (from original 1960s mini dresses to 1960s cocktail dresses) you will find it at Mela Mela.

If you can't find the 1960s dresses you were looking for, it's not to say we haven't got something similar in stock in our shop. To be sure, contact one of our friendly & knowledgeable staff today.