Vintage Dresses

Our selection of vintage dresses spans nearly a century of styles. So extensive is our vintage dress offering that we have had to break it down by decades. Whatever style of dress you are looking for; we have either got it displayed or have something very similar in stock. We are constantly searching for unique and interesting vintages dresses, which is why we are so proud of our selection. If you are looking for something specific or have any questions about our vintage dress selection be sure to contact us.


Our favourite dress styles

We are always talking about eras at Mela Mela and not surprisingly when it comes to dresses we all have our personal favourites; here are a few of our design highlights:


We don't tend to find as many dresses from the turn of last century as we would like, simply because there are less great examples than other eras. We adore though the slimmed silhouettes, high boned collars and ultimately the overall quality of workmanship. The 1900s are consistently less trendy than other eras we think due in part to how difficult dresses from this era are to pair with other items. Get creative and unlock your inner Downton!


The 50s unsurprisingly produced some of our favourite dresses. There are so many reasons why this decade continues to provide inspiration today; fun, patterns, materials, celebrities, ease to integrate into today's outfits, shape etc. The sign of a good 50s dress is not being able to contain your grin whilst looking over it. We continually find amazing 50s dresses and try to get them onto the site as quickly as possible.


The 70s are pretty big right now, for good reason; the dresses designed and made through this decade are typically beautiful. Full sleeves, post-60s patterns, floor length, you couldn't get a more iconic look. Whether you are going for a more formal look or heading to a summer festival; the 70s selection at Mela Mela will not disappoint.

Dress materials

Over the last century primary dress materials have changed considerably to include chiffon, velvet, silk, cotton, linen, crepe, rayon, moygashei to name but a few. At Mela Mela we have a vast amount of experience working with different dress materials, making alterations and repairs a seamless process.

Exceptional vintage dresses

At Mela Mela Vintage we take pride in finding the best dress examples. All of our vintage dresses are individually selected by our knowledgeable and passionate team. If there are any small blemishes then they will be noted on the product description. All necessary restoration work is done in-house, ensuring the highest levels of quality.

Original vintage dresses

At Mela Mela Vintage we take pride in the fact that all of our dresses are original - you won't find 'vintage inspired' at Mela Mela. Our love for original vintage ultimately means that you can be confident knowing that whichever vintage umbrella you decide to take home will have a history and a soul.

Can't find the perfect dress?

Don't panic if you can't find the perfect dress, we often don't have all our stock listed. One of our helpful team will be more than happy to help you.