Vintage Umbrellas

Whether you are looking to stay out of the rain or sun; hereat Mela Mela Vintage we are sure to have the right vintage umbrellas and parasols for you. Each vintage umbrella is individually sourced by our skilled team of vintage clothing and accessories experts. This results in Mela Mela Vintage having an exceptional selection of period vintage umbrellas and parasols each representing a certain point in fashion/accessory design. If you can't find the vintage umbrella or parasol you were looking for don't give up, ask a member of staff as we often have a number in storage.


Why a vintage umbrella?

There isn't much worse than being caught in a downpour after spending hours perfecting those curls. We know. Which makes carrying an umbrella a necessary but often unfashionable requirement. That doesn't have to be the case; add one of our beautiful original vintage umbrellas to your collection and stay dry in style.

With our collection of umbrellas and parasols there really is no excuse for those drab greys and blacks to creep into your accessories. Vintage umbrellas typically aren't dull; 30s and 40s umbrellas in particular seemingly always have interesting designs and use tones which aren't found on today's umbrellas.

Another interesting and overlooked design aspect of vintage umbrellas and parasols are the handles. Often these are ornately carved and made out of materials such as bamboo, wood and even precious metals in some instances. Its touches like this that typically put vintage accessories above those found today in terms of quality and workmanship.

Exceptional vintage umbrellas

At Mela Mela Vintage we take pride in finding the best umbrella and parasol examples. All of our vintage umbrellas are individually selected by our knowledgeable and passionate team. If there are any small blemishes then they will be noted on the product description. All necessary restoration work to our shoes is done in-house, ensuring the highest levels of quality.

Original vintage umbrellas

At Mela Mela Vintage we take pride in the fact that all of our umbrellas and parasols are original - you won't find 'vintage inspired' at Mela Mela. Our love for original vintage ultimately means that you can be confident knowing that whichever vintage umbrella you decide to take home; has a history and a soul.

Can't find the perfect umbrella?

Don't panic if you can't find the perfect umbrella or parasol, we often don't have all our stock listed. One of our helpful team will be more than happy to help you.