Vintage Hats

Finding the perfect vintage hat shouldn't be difficult. In-fact in our opinion it should be fun activity; browsing a collection of different vintage hats for women, trying each vintage hat on in your head... What could be more fun. Here at Mela Mela Vintage we have a comprehensive collection of vintage hats from across a century. From 1940s beaded caps to 1950s floral hats there probably isn't a style of vintage hats for women which one of our skilled staff hasn't seen. If you don't see the vintage hat of your dreams today; contact us with details of what you are looking for and we can look in our inventory. Mela Mela's selection of online vintage clothing (especially our vintage dresses) allows you to create wonderful outfits from original pieces.


Your favourite vintage hats

We love hats for all occasions. Whether you are trying to add a touch of magic to an everyday ensemble or complete your formal wedding/races outfit; we have something for you.

Hats have changed a lot over the last century in both form and function. From turn of the century Trilby's, Boaters & Bonnets through post-war turbans to fashion hats from the 70s onward. We have it all.

We don't go out to find particular styles or hats from a specific era; we simply go out to find the best examples of vintage hats. We think this approach is what sets Mela Mela vintage apart.

Exceptional vintage hats

At Mela Mela Vintage we take pride in finding the best Vintage hat examples. All of our vintage hats are individually selected by our knowledgeable and passionate team. If there are any small blemishes then they will be noted on the product description. All necessary restoration work to our hats is done in-house, ensuring the highest levels of quality.

Original vintage hats

At Mela Mela Vintage we take pride in the fact that all of our vintage hats are original - you won't find a 'vintage inspired' hat at Mela Mela. Our love for original vintage ultimately means that you can be confident knowing that whichever vintage hat you decide to take home; has a history and a soul.

Can't find the perfect hat?

Don't panic if you can't find the perfect hat, we often don't have all our stock listed. One of our helpful team will be more than happy to help you.