Vintage Handbags

Here at Mela Mela we are inspired by all thing vintage! We have an extremely large and varied collection of vintage handbags, sourced by our team of vintage fashion obsessed staff. We carry vintage handbags in a whole range of colours and vintage materials - some of our vintage day bags & evening bags you simply cannot find anymore. So many of these vintage handbag designs have been copied and sampled over the years, why not be the envy of all your friends and take home an original vintage handbag today. We have so many vintage handbags that some of them haven't yet made it onto our website. If you are interested in finding out which ones haven't or are looking for a specific bag do not hesitate to contact us.


Your favourite vintage handbags

If you don't have a passion for vintage handbags; then in our opinion there is something very wrong with you. At Mela Mela we try to find bags from all of our favourite era's with the assumption of "if we love it then hopefully you will too!". 


Some of the earliest vintage bags we have in stock date from the turn of last century. Crocodile skin and oriental patterns feature heavily with these typically smaller and more delicate bags. Beads and hand embroidery feature heavily, making bags from the early 1900s perfect evening bags to accompany a cocktail or two. 


We absolutely love the 20s, especially the handbags. Dance purses, Bakelite, gold, black & white and above all else the emergence of bags as a fun outfit accompaniment.


So many new designers emerged throughout the 30s. Black was the colour of choice and velvet was the hottest material. Zippers came onto the scene (what an addition!). Pochette bags entered the market and paved the way for the uber-famous 'clutch' bags.


Less frills and tassels and more sturdiness as we enter the 40s. Vintage bags are more frequently made from plastic or wood which were plentiful. A large majority of the women still made their own accessories out of any fabric they could find. Dior's clutch was reintroduced and bag shapes took a pretty wacky turn. 


An explosion of colour hit vintage bags in the 50s - there really were no rules. Want purple feathers? Sure. Gold plastic? Of course! Chanel was of course at the head of the pack, as was Hermes. All in all a fun time to be a bag. 


A difficult time to put a pin in regarding vintage bags. Black, white & gold remained timeless, patterns were often very elaborate. Gucci added bamboo handles and Coach produced their duffle bag. 

Exceptional vintage handbags

At Mela Mela Vintage we take pride in finding the best Vintage handbag examples. All of our handbags and purses are individually selected by our knowledgeable and passionate team. If there are any small blemishes then they will be noted on the product description. All necessary restoration work to our vintage handbags and purses is done in-house, ensuring the highest levels of quality.

Original vintage handbags

At Mela Mela Vintage we take pride in the fact that all of our vintage handbags and purses are original - you won't find a 'vintage inspired' bag at Mela Mela. Our love for original vintage ultimately means that you can be confident knowing that whichever vintage bag you decide to take home; has a history and a soul.