Featured in Richmond Magazine & Sunday Times!

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We were excited this morning to find ourselves mentioned in the April edition of Richmond Magazine! Fiona Adams has penned a wonderful piece on our hometown of Teddington, and a bunch of great local indie business get a shout-out. We were totally chuffed to see ourselves in the Fashion section! Have a read below.richmond magazine

“For something completely different, there is no finer destination than vintage paradise Mela Mela. The shop has been open for around ten years and features about a century’s worth of fashion and accessories, beginning with the Victorian/Edwardian era right up to the 1980s and with something to suit every pocket. Two of its dresses were recently worn by Trixie in the BBC’s Call The Midwife and it has also been visited by the costume departments of the Rose Theatre, Kingston for My Brilliant Friend and The Phantom Thread, a film starring Daniel Day Lewis.”

We seem to be popular with the press this week, as we also spotted ourselves in the Sunday Times! Teddington pops up in their ‘Best Places To Live: London’ feature (and why wouldn’t it, Teddington is a lovely little corner of the city!).

We get a mention along with some of our other favourite local businesses, such as the Fallow Deer and Cavan Bakery.sunday times mention

“The shops have more character than the usual suburban chains. The Fallow Deer, a café and bar, has exposed brick walls and coffee brought in from Brick Lane; Mela Mela, a women’s vintage shop, sells 1950s dresses and deco jewellery; and the family-run Cavan bakery has been going since 1929.”

Thanks for showing some love to our hometown and its many indie businesses, Sunday Times!

10% Off All Handbags Until March 31st + Our Spring Handbag Edit

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little beaded bags

Handbags are the ultimate accessory, and vintage handbags even more so! We’ve taken 10% off all of our vintage handbags for the whole of March, so now’s the time to find yourself the perfect accessory for Spring 2017.

See our carefully chosen spring handbag edit below, and keep checking our website as we’re listing more and more bags every day.


1920s Vintage Evening Bag Multi-Coloured Pastel Silk with Tassel £125 £112.50

This exquisite 1920s evening bag is made of delicately woven pastel coloured silk, and features tiny silk flowers sewn into the lining. A unique addition to any spring wardrobe.


1950s Vintage Clutch Bag & Gloves Set in Silky Gold Fabric £30 £27

A new addition to our website (and already a firm favourite with the Mela Mela staff) is this silky golden clutch bag with matching gloves – perfect for weddings, garden parties, or just a sunny walk on a spring evening. It’s only £27 in our March sale, so snap it up before one of us does!


1950s Vintage Clutch Bag with Tapestry Detail £30 £27

We love this 1950s clutch for two reasons: firstly, the floral tapestry detail makes it perfect for spring, and secondly, the tapestry is attached to the bag with press studs, and can be completely removed so that the clutch is plain black. Two bags in one!


1970s Vintage Handbag Royal Blue with Belt Buckle Detail & Gilt Clasp £45 £40.50

The elegant shape, beautiful royal blue colour, and cute buckle detail make this 1970s bag a classic buy that you’ll use again and again in any season.


1920s/30s Vintage Bag Ivory with White Pink Green & Lilac £20 £18

This tiny 1920s bag is starting to show its age, but it’s still a beautiful example of early 20th century beading, and its delicate pale pink, green and lilac beads make it the perfect match for spring blossom. A complete steal at only £18 until the end of March!

Vintage Valentines + 10% Off All Jewellery!

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Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, so we’ve taken 10% off all the jewellery on our website to make finding the perfect gift for your loved one (or for yourself!) just that little bit easier.

Take a look at five of our favourites below, and browse our entire collection.


1920s Vintage Earrings 18 Carat Gold with Seed Pearls & Coral Drop (Pierced) £175 £157.50


1930s Art Deco Vintage Ring 18 Carat Gold with Diamonds £395 £355


1960s/70s Vintage Bracelet by Miriam Haskell Faux Pearls with Gold Metal Detail £75 £67.50


1930s/40s Vintage Cufflinks in Silver Gilt with Ridged Design £35 £31.50


1940s/50s Vintage Necklace Diamante with Unusual Circle & Crescent Design £40 £36

Featured in a Short Film by Tarryn Meaker

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One of our dresses was featured in this wonderful short film Grace, Love & Alice by the very creative Tarryn Meaker.

Described as a ‘romantic drama with musical tendencies’, Tarryn says:

“This story was an idea for a novel, then it became a screenplay…and then a novel…and finally a very short film with aspirations of growing up into the full length drama it was conceived as!”

A beautiful peach print 1930s cotton dress from Mela Mela Vintage is worn in the film. Take a look at the dress and watch the film below!

short film dress

Show-Stopping Vintage Earrings

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sophie loren

One of the easiest ways to add an instant touch of vintage glamour to an outfit is a show-stopping pair of earrings.


Take inspiration from your favourite vintage celebrities and add a stunning pair of earrings to your jewellery collection today. Click the images below to take a closer look!


Vintage Style Earrings Silver with Paste Stones Teardrop Pearls & Gold Wire (Pierced) £95.00


Vintage Style Earrings Art Deco Silver with Paste Stones Green & Black Stone Drop & Gold Wire (Pierced) £120.00


Vintage Style Earrings Art Deco Silver with Paste Stones Long Diamond Shaped Drops & Gold Wire (Pierced) £95.00

Featured in In Retrospect Magazine!

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One of our dresses was featured recently in a photo shoot for In Retrospect Magazine, worn by our lovely customer Christine Simpson!

Christine says:

“To the lovely ladies at Mela Mela Vintage,

Thank you so much for helping me find my gorgeous long red dress. I wore it for a photo shoot in In Retrospect magazine and it looked wonderful.

All the best, and have a wonderful Christmas break,


You’re welcome Christine, you look absolutely stunning! The dress in question is an absolutely fabulous 1940s number in red crepe with black sequin detail (see below). Be sure to get yourself a copy of In Retrospect and take a look at the rest of the wonderful vintage dresses showcased in the feature ‘A Night on the Tiles’.



10 Ways to Add a Vintage Touch to Your Wedding

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Planning your wedding, but want to make sure it has a uniquely vintage feel? We’ve come up with ten wonderful ways you can add just a touch of vintage elegance to your day – or combine them all to create a fully vintage experience for you and your guests!


1. The Vintage Wedding Dress

Of course, the first and foremost way to vintage up your wedding is to wear a vintage wedding dress. These are not nearly as hard to come by as you might think; we have a large collection of them in our Teddington shop spanning all eras and styles, from elegant 1920s/30s bias cut gowns to 1950s prom style dresses to classically cut 1960s/70s shifts. A vintage gown adds an elegance and a history to your wedding day that you just won’t get with a modern dress. Browse our online selection or make an appointment to visit our Teddington shop (e-mail info@melamela.co.uk or call 0208 943 2432) to see our full collection in person (we have an in house seamstress who can help with any alterations).

If you want to go all out with your vintage theme, you could invite your guests to dress in the fashions of a certain decade too!



2. A Silver Sixpence

Most people know the classic wedding rhyme about lucky clothes and jewellery for the bride: ‘something old. something new, something borrowed, something blue’. But, we tend to forget the next bit: ‘A silver sixpence in her shoe.’ The tradition was for the bride to walk down the aisle with a sixpence in her left shoe to bring luck and prosperity to the marriage. If you want to go full vintage with your wedding, hunt down an old sixpence piece! Tip: to keep it from rolling around in your shoe, or escaping completely, stick it to the inside of your shoe with a piece of tape.


3. Vintage Headwear

A true vintage bride would never walk down the aisle without the appropriate headwear! Different eras favoured different styles of wedding hats and hair accessories, but we have them all at our Teddington shop, so whether you’re looking for a delicate 1920s wax flower crown, a 1950s diamante tiara, or a classic 1960s pillbox hat, we’re sure to have the perfect thing for you. See a selection online, or drop into our shop to take a look for yourself.


4. Vintage China Centrepieces

Create your own cute vintage centrepieces by filling vintage china with flowers. There are companies who will hire you china for the day,  but it’s much more fun to collect your own. Our favourite idea is to find a different style of vintage teapot for each table, and stuff them with blooms!


5. Vintage Fur

Vintage fur can be a wonderful wedding accessory, particularly if you’re having an autumn or winter wedding. Not only does it make you look like the epitome of vintage glamour, a fur cape or stole can do a great job of keeping you warm if your dress has short sleeves or a low back. You can also add fur to your ensemble in a more subtle way by carrying a muff to warm your hands in; the above 1950s white fur muff is a lovely example.


6. A Vintage Car (or Carriage!)

Add some vintage class to your arrival at the ceremony or the reception by traveling in a classic car, or even a carriage. It’ll be great fun for you and your partner, and you are guaranteed to make a memorable entrance!


7. Candlelight

A wonderfully elegant way to add a vintage touch to your wedding is through lighting. Once the day turns into night, why not give your reception a romantic old world glow by using candles to light the room? Reminder: make sure to clear this with your venue first to stay within safety regulations!


8. Polaroid Cameras

Buy some cheap polaroid cameras, stock them up with film, and leave them on the tables for your guests to take their own photos. Have a vintage trunk or vanity case put to one side for guests to add their photos to throughout the day, and these can then form a fun, quirky record of your wedding.


9. A Vintage Brooch Bouquet

Make sure your bridal bouquet is a showstopper by having one made entirely out of vintage brooches! You can buy these readymade, or make certain that it’s unique to you by making it yourself (or with your bridesmaids). First browse our (very large!) vintage brooch collection for inspiration, then take a look at this great tutorial. If you’ve got your heart set on carrying real flowers, then why not wrap a ribbon around your bouquet and pin one or two brooches onto that? Tip: antique cameos work really well for this.

Etsy 3

10.Vintage Jewellery

For jewellery special enough to wear on your wedding day, you really can’t go wrong with vintage. Adding a few well chosen vintage pieces to your outfit can create a unique and memorable look that will remain timeless in the photographs of your day. Take a look at our specially selected wedding jewellery to find beautiful examples of vintage diamante and pearl accessories.

50’s Summer Style

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We think the 50’s was a decade that just shouts summer. The fashion was fun, feminine, frivolous and embraces the lightness of long summer days. Creating a timeless summer 50’s look is easier than you think and we have brought together a guide to the best of 50’s style to help you be a vintage fashion star this summer.

The Capri

The capri or cropped trouser is a classically 50’s casual look, the top line should fit snugly around the waist whilst any length from pedal pushers to ankle grazing cigarette goes. Team with ballet pumps and a tight sweater, blouse or cardigan (a 50’s staple) to create a knockout 50’s silhouette.

The Circle Skirt

Vintage 50s Circle Skirt

The classic, twirl inducing 50’s skirt is the most feminine of looks. 50’s fashion shows this was the place to experiment with colour, pattern and texture so go wild with design and dress up with heels or down with flats.

The Sunglasses

Add 50’s glamour to any outfit with a pair of cats eye shaped sunglasses. Choose tortoiseshell or white frames for a glamourous vintage look. Red lipstick, a 50’s must is also de rigueur to create a knock out, Marilyn style finish.

The Bikini

Vintage bikini

The Bikini rose in popularity during the 50’s due to stars such as Brigitte Bardot and Ava Gardener being photographed in this once scandalous bit of beachwear. Look for high-waisted styles to create a vintage vibe.

The Dress

Vintage 50s Chanelle Dress

A 50’s dress is the most stylish way to keep cool this summer.  Go for a classic circle, a curve flattering wiggle or even an easy to wear 50’s house dress to turn heads.  The 50’s house dress generally shows a slightly less full skirt than the circle and may have a button fastening at the neck, it is an understated way to rock the 50’s look. 50s dresses are also often sleeveless which makes them the perfect summer choice.

The Co-ords

Coordinated outfit sets may be a recent trend but it is one born out of a 50’s leisurewear. These cute sets came with shorts, skirts, capri pants and tops made out of the same material and provide an instantly chic look.  We adore the shorts and blouse combos for the ultimate in holiday style.

The Scarf

Vintage 50s Scarf

Tied around a high pony tail for a rockability look, the neck for a shot of continental style or turban style around the head the 50’s scarf is a cheap and versatile way to style up your 50’s inspired outfit.  Every conceivable colour and pattern is available and you can often pick them up for a song.

Get summer ready with some 50’s pieces that will elevate your wardrobe and help you feel gorgeous. Team with modern pieces for a glorious mish-mash of decades or go full classic 50’s for an elegant look.  However, you choose to wear your 50’s style staples this summer, make sure you pick pieces that fit well and make you feel amazing.

Accessorise your 1950’s glamour

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Are you a vintage clothing fan who has fallen in love with the 1950’s? Following a time of austerity during World War 2, the 1950’s were a period of great fashion change, where looking good once again became stylish.

And if your look is very much geared towards 1950’s style, we are here to make Summer 2016 the season where accessorising will turn up the heat even more.


1950s Dress Circle Skirt

The 1950’s were known for their ‘wandering waistlines’, with this brightly coloured but simply designed dress reflecting the trend towards the higher waist.

With a 1950s dress that embraces the current ‘colour-pop’ look, you need a bangle that isn’t afraid to be in the limelight.

50s Ivorine Floral Bangle

This Ivorine bangle is the perfect match with its boldness and definition and ensures your look is vintage through and through.

Chill in the air

50s vintage yellow frilled dress

Loving the sunshine yellow look?

This dress rocks 1950’s frills with its elbow length sleeves and tuck waist.

But with today’s weather being decidedly colder than it was a few decades ago, covering up with a bolero is as much a necessity as it is a stylish move.

1950s Vintage Yellow Bolero

This amazingly sweet number comes with a splash of applique to brighten even the chilliest of nights and will mean that you can enjoy the evening air until you’re ready to drop.

School’s Out

Summer means no school – hoorah! And for those of an iconic teenage age, that means it’s prom time.

50s green & black prom dress

The perfect vintage prom dress deserves the perfect pair of shoes to match, and why risk spoiling the vintage look when you can have shoes that are happy to dance as long as you want them to.

50s kitten heels

The heel combines kitten with 1950’s functionality, meaning style and comfort go hand in hand.

Indulgent glamour

And for those with a more formal evening event to attend, yes you can embrace the vintage look and accessorise seamlessly at the same time.

50s strapless black dress

This 50s strapless number oozes sophistication so accessorise it with a necklace that looks worthy of a high price tag, in old pounds and shillings naturally.

vintage silver fan necklace

The 1950’s were all about serious bling, making this vintage necklace the sparkling accessory that the gown deserves. Dancing under the stars on a warm summer’s night, your necklace will glisten in the moonlight.

Summer lovin’

Summer is the season for love, when lots of couples tie the knot and embark on a lifelong journey of wedded bliss.

In the true spirit of the tradition of ‘Something Old’, the vintage look is an assured winner.

50s dress cream lace + bolero

Lace is a look that refuses to go out of style whatever the decade, with cream being perfect for a summer wedding. This outfit comes with a matching jacket which means you will be sorted whatever the British weather throws at you.

But if the day’s a hot one, and your make-up starts to run, it’s time for a touch-up.

50s musical compact

Complete your vintage look with this compact that is designed to spread even more happiness by playing Strauss’s ‘Blue Danube Waltz’ – vintage perfection.