About Mela Mela Vintage

About Mela Mela Vintage Boutique!


Mela Mela is a vintage clothing; jewellery and accessories boutique for women who want to add some individuality to their wardrobes. The shop was established by Mel, who has always been fascinated with fashion trends, and how simple styles of yesteryear can be integrated with trends of today. All of our goods are genuinely vintage, unique and great to wear. The stock is constantly changing with different items arriving regularly. Each item is an iconic example of the era, and would have been designed and built to last. Your clothing will be a piece of history!


5 out of 5 based on 2 happy customer reviews

"...Thank you so much Mela Mela Vintage for such an excellent service and for such lovely goodies on your website - I shall be back!"

Says website customercustomer who bought a stunning 1940s Bucket Bag .

"Top marks..I am currently the proud owner of two Mela Mela Vintage dresses. Whenever I wear them, people compliment me on them. They really enhance a woman's shape and mean that you can show off, rather than hide curves! They were made when women were proud to be women and didn't want to look like little girls."

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"Mela Mela Vintage is a popular clothing shop that brings a splash a colour and dash of vintage charm to the high street. (...) If you haven’t yet been to the shop then you are most welcome to browse the wonderful treasure trove of clothing with a glass of bubbly in hand, just like in the 1950s boutiques that the shop is designed to emulate."


"...For the uninitiated: [Mela Mela's] clothes rails are a feast for the eyes stocked with an array of 50’s cocktail dresses, wedding dresses, prom dresses, skirts and tops. There are beautiful silk organzas, romantic roses, purple prints, huge polka dots and wonderful big bows a-plenty here. Above eye level the shelves contain a prized collection of very chic and elegant hats that complement the array of outfits and accessories displayed below.The antique manequins used to show off the hats are equally as interesting as the hats themselves. Mela Mela is definitely one step closer to utter fabulousness. If your wedding has a vintage theme and you are looking for high quality then you are going to enjoy this piece of retro heaven. A real touch of class."


"Most second-hand shops force you to rummage through racks of musty Afghan coats and old furs to find their hidden treasures, and for some that’s part of the attraction. But if you prefer to do your retro shopping in the atmosphere of a 1950s boutique then get on a train and head out to Teddington. This small high street is unremarkable except for a handful of kitsch clothes shops, the best of which is the rose pink Mela Mela. With a window display consistently cleverly put together, Mela Mela lures pedestrians in with a fab prom dress here and a stunning clutch bag there. Inside, vintage finds have room to breath on the racks, as above shelving support a parade of handbags and a hat stand nearly topples over with an array of daring pieces. Jewellery cabinets are stuffed with pricey vintage items and cheaper colourful costume items, while you’ll also come across sundries such as hat pins and gloves. While the prices reflect the quality of the clothes and the upmarket neighbourhood, it’s the place to go for a touch of class"