Mela Mela Womens Vintage Clothing

Are you looking for a wonderful vintage experience? We have an amazing collection of Womens vintage clothing.

Here at Mela Mela we use unique vintage pieces to enhance your everyday wardrobe, adding a unique style and individuality. If you have something specific in mind, call us 0208 943 2432. We stock an incredible array of vintage clothing including vintage wedding dresses, vintage day & evening dresses. All eras, vintage lingerie as well as a selection of vintage jewellery and accessories.

Your hearts desire may be hanging in the shop just waiting for you!

New Products

Original Vintage Clothing at Mela Mela

Original Vintage

We have many wonderful original vintage items from all eras, plus a few new 'vintage inspired' pieces. If something is not original vintage, it will be clearly marked as such so you know exactly what you're buying!

Vintage Wedding Clothes, Jewellery & Accessories

Vintage Wedding

At Mela Mela Vintage we have a huge range of vintage wedding dresses, accessories & wedding jewellery. So much that we often haven't had time to put it on the website. If in doubt; ask.

Vintage Bag Sale

Vintage Handbags

We have a wide selection of original vintage bags, ready and waiting to complete your outfit.